2 Days Pamukkale and Turquoise tour package.
DAY 1 -Visit Pamukkale
After meeting our staff, you will be transferred from your h..

2 Days Pamukkale and Turquoise tour package.
DAY 1 -Visit Pamukkale
After meeting our staff, you will be transferred from your hotel to the first location of the Pamukkale tour.
When you get to Pamukkale Region, an excellent trip starts with our professional tour guides. The places visited are the most popular in Pamukkale.
Pamukkale Travertines are mineral-rich healing waters. These structures extend along a mountain and have a white color. There are also some puddles on this mountain. Those who wish may swim in these deposits. The Cleopatra Pool is one of them. You need to pay extra to access special buildings such as the Cleopatra Pool.
Hierapolis Ancient City and the ancient city of Laodicea are historical sites to visit in the region. These areas are composed of old buildings dating back to BC. These areas include ancient theater, necropolis, Frontinius Street. Our tour guide for each region gives you detailed information. With this information, you can make your trip a satisfying experience.
Temple of Apollon is one of the world-famous sites. This area in Hierapolis Ancient City is dated from the 1st century BC to the 3rd century BC.
4:00 pm ─ Pamukkale day tour will be ended.

DAY 2 - Turquoise Tour

After breakfast we will pick you up from the hotel for the start of your day trip and visit our first stop which is:

Laodikeia is situated in a good geographical location on the Southside of the Lycus River, 6 km North of Denizli. The city was called ‘Laodikeia on the side of the Lycus’ in ancient sources, the city was founded by Antiochos II in 263-261 BC and named after Antiochos’ wife.

The Ruins of Laodicea:
Big Theater, Small Theater, Stadium and Gymnasium, Monumental Nypheum, Council Building, Zeus Temple, Big Church

After visiting our first stop, we are cruising to our next stop.

Kaklık cave
Kaklık cave, is situated at the Denizli- Afyon- Ankara and Denizli Çivril highways, and 30 km away from the Denizli center. Kaklık town of Honaz District is uniquely beautiful in respect of its formation and development feature as well as its interesting Travertines and pools similar to Pamukkale, and dripstones, stalactites, and stalagmites. 
On the contrary, the almost whole area of the main gallery is covered with Travertines with spectacular colors that are formed by the spring water that comes out outside the cave by waterfalls.  These white Travertines that develop in pools in the form of steps and that develop on these blocks as a result of the collapse of the ceiling are a small miniature of Pamukkale.

After our visit at Kaklik, we are driving direction of Salda Lake

“If you wonder Mars.... well visit Salda Lake”

Salda, the deepest lake of Turkey, is located in Burdur 1 hour 20 mins. away from Pamukkale. Thousands of tourists come to see Salda Lake see it’s a turquoise-colored lake and white sands.
Despite being the deepest lake of Turkey, Salda is the third deepest lake in the world.  The depth of the lake can go up to 185m. Interestingly, there is a similarity between Salda Lake and Mars. Both have white magnesium-loaded rocks. The area of the lake was announced as a 1st-grade natural site area in 1989.  For this reason, building construction around the lake was prohibited. The lake is rich in terms of its minerals, due to soil properties. The water of the lake is a cure for certain skin diseases. Offering its visitors a visual feast, Salda Lake is a natural beauty of blue and green. Photography, swimming, and diving are also possible in the lake for visitors. 
After a lovely swim time at Salda, we are driving direction our last destination the cable car.

Denizli Cable Car
The 1,396-meter-long cable car system will make the connection between Bağbaşı City Forest and Zeytin Plateau and will have the capacity of caring for around 2,000 people per hour. The cable car will reach the Zeytin Plateau in at least 6 minutes. By the cable car, people will spend their free time in a natural environment and they will enjoy the view of nature and the view of Denizli city.

Tour ends, we are driving you back to your hotel.
Total tour duration: 8 H

End of the tour we bring you back to Pamukkale, the end of the tour. and services.

Included services:
- 2 Days  English Guided Tour
- Lunches during the tour
- Transfer from hotel and back
- Transfer during the tours

Excluded services:
- Hotel stay 
- Drinks during the tours
- Transfer from and to Airport.