The public transportation between the cities/towns are mostly provided by buses in Turkey as railway and ferry transportation is not available at all sites. The buses in Turkey are mostly comfortable and air-conditioned. Backpackers travel arrange bus tickets between the major sites of Turkey provided through major local companies such as Metro Turizm, Kamil Koc, Ulusoy, Varan etc... There is no sleeping bus and most buses without WC but having breaks at the roadside restaurants during the long journeys´ each a few hours. They are also specially designed for overnight trips with reclining seats. We can book bus tickets alone for only the buses departing from Istanbul such Istanbul-Cappadocia bus tickets, Istanbul-Selcuk bus tickets, Istanbul-Kusadasi bus tickets, Istanbul-Pamukkale bus tickets, Istanbul-Antalya bus tickets, Istanbul-Ankara bus tickets or Istanbul-Safranbolu bus tickets. However, we arrange the other intercity bus tickets in Turkey only if you book your local sightseeing tours and hotels with us as well. It is due to the fact that flight and bus ticket reservations take a lot of our time but leaves a little profit whereas we obtain most of our income by hotel and tour reservations. Thus, we do bus and flight ticket arrangements only if they are part of a package trip.